Safety Kid


SAFETY KID, An additional anti-submarine device

The device is intended to prevent the fall of the passengers and the risk
of «sub-marining» during the trip. The device is placed between the
passengers legs during the downward of the railing. Number of
devices needed per chairlift will be based on the choice of the operator.

Device benefits
Childish assembly and ultra fast without drilling the railing
. Economical and efficient
. Rounded shape on the bottom to minimize shocks and punching
. Section optimized for inertia in the direction of passengers fall
. Flexibility in the transverse direction
. Lightweight. Calculated weight 300 gr.
. Unbreakable barrier, interchangeable flexible plastic
. Can be mounted in curved portion of guardrail
. Can be used as Handle
. Fixing point provided for gripping strap (optional)

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